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Sacred Fertility

As I sit here reading a beautiful email from a client who has just given birth to a gorgeous baby boy, after a pretty harrowing pregnancy where she needed all her strength and tenacity, it reminds me of why I chose to be of service in this career.

Sacred Acts

To me the acts of conception, pregnancy and birth are sacred acts, governed by love trust and humility.

Sacred not of religion but of a spiritual nature encompassed with admiration and respect.

Sacred in that the womb of the mother shares its ancestral knowings with her offspring and creates a bond and connection which in its uniqueness, is the embodiment of all things holy.

Sacred in that the power of a mother's love supersedes any diagnostic test or remedy given and is vital for a miracle to occur.

Baby Thomas is one such miracle. Born two weeks prematurely by scheduled c-section after a hemorrhagic lesion to the brain was found on a third trimester MRI.

The pregnancy had been a complex one in that blood thinning medications were required as Thomas's mother Kelly had been diagnosed with Anti Phospholipid Syndrome (APS) a condition that increases the risk of blood clotting and had most likely been instrumental in the two miscarriages that Kelly had endured before she came to see me. Working alongside myself and an APS specialist Kelly never faltered in her desire to keep her pregnancy as minimally medicated as possible and used natural supplements, and healthy food to support her nutritionally to prepare for the C Section. She endured several weeks of not knowing where she would birth as she was transferred from one medical team to another, yet still she kept a smile on her face and maintained the strength of an amazonian warrior.

Kelly's desire to keep baby Thomas tucked in the warmth of her womb for longer than her medical team ideally wanted, in order for him to be as strong as possible and her calm and accepting demeanour, in my mind ,was the ultimate expression of intuition. Baby Thomas was born eyes wide open breathing on his own on 21 august 2018 and after spending only 4 days in ICU was allowed to go home to his new family.

The lesion was still there although the outcome was better than could have been imagined. I do not know what fully lies ahead for baby Thomas, but what i do know is this, Thomas has as much spirit and fight as his mother has and i have no doubt he chose her and her supportive husband James to go on this journey with him for a reason. He is much loved and with that to surround him, he can do nothing but succeed.

Sacred exploration

Sacred fertility relies on intuition, connection back to self as well as a universal energy. It requires exploration of your shadow thoughts and feelings, adoption of healthy food and lifestyle choices and clearance of any obstacles both physically, mentally and spiritually that could be impeding your journey. All this while being underpinned by a deep desire to bring forth a new life with offerings of shelter, warmth and love.

To me there can be nothing more sacred than that.

Tracy Gaibisso is an experienced clinical Naturopath with over 16 years assisting women and couples to overcome fertility issues. She offers face to face consultations or on line programs for anybody wishing to have a more conscious conception and is the founder of the BeyondFertility program.

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