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Tracy & Robert Gaibisso

Herbal Medicine

Clinical Director- Tracy Gaibisso

I'm known as “curly” to my friends (and no I didn't eat all my crusts when I was a child). Herbs and fertility are my work passions. Ploughing through herbal text books and research papers accumulating the knowledge the plants have to share are one of my favourite past times.

My interest in the reproductive system stemmed not only from my own journey with endometriosis, but also from the inspiration of many herbal teachers, and I pair that with my awe, respect and complete love of nature.

Having completed my Naturopathic, Nutrition and Massage qualifications, I decided to advance a couple of steps further securing a Graduate Certificate in Wellness from RMIT Melbourne and a Masters of Reproductive Medicine from UNSW Sydney. I now practise as a Plant Medicine practitioner primarily.

I have also completed a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and you will often find me facilitating workshops and giving public talks. It’s not everybody's cup of tea, but luckily, is not one of my fears. Put me high in the sky or in deep water and you will however see me scream like a baby!

My downtime is spent pottering on my 5-acre property in the country, experimenting with cooking and relaxing with my husband and menagerie of animals.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your health goals.


Director of Clinical Education- Roberto Gaibisso

Throughout the journey of my working life, I have had many opportunities to experience and practice a variety of disciplines, however I always return to Massage and Hypnotherapy.

My biggest love (apart from my wife of course!) is anything South American. I also love sharing the knowledge gained from my formal studies and work experience with my students (and in fact with anybody that likes to listen!).

Having completed my Massage and Hypnosis qualifications over 23 years ago in Sydney, I moved to Perth in 2004 and worked as a lecturer in a local Natural Therapies college.

My current position at a fitness Institute aligned more with my personal passion for fitness. You can usually find me trying out the latest fitness craze in my spare time.

I have also completed a Certificate IV in Workplace training and Assessment and often facilitate workshops where I enjoy engaging the audience with my passion and sense of humour.

My downtime is spent drinking “Mate” ( a South American drink), listening and dancing to South American music and relaxing with my wife and menagerie of animals.

I truly hope I can be of service to you


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